Cooper’s Bloopers

We don’t always get the budgies’ photos right on the first shot*. Here are some pics that didn’t make the cut.34I think Cooper thinks there might be millet back there…1Lera streeetches.eA yawn from the birthday girl (Emmy).567How can you have a cornucopia without millet?8* Due to the photographer and through no fault of the models, of course.

6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Bloopers

  1. Cooper’s diggin that junk food, LOL

    Do you by chance remember where you got that whiffle ball with the little plastic ball chains coming out in the pic with Emmy yawning? My birds would LOVE to get their beaks on that toy!!!

    • Luckily she didn’t eat any of it. Just tested it out. She loves to destroy the popcorn.
      I got the ball toy at a local bird store Our Feathered Friends. They have a whole wall of handmade toys. Not sure who makes it, but I can always pick one up for you next time I’m there. Just send me an email and let me know : ).

      • Sailor and duckie would LOVEEEE that !!! I can PayPal you the money + postage too if you have paypal ? No rush on the toy either they have like 3000000 toys but that one looks ultra fun! I’ll email cooper and let you know my email 😉 thanks 😉

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