18 thoughts on “The Parakeet Poop Game!

  1. Budgies poop about every 10-20 minutes.
    I am going to use the number 15 because it is in the middle of 10 and 20
    If you multiply 15 by 24 it equals 360
    I’m pretty sure that budgies do not poop that much in a day.
    So, I am going to guess about 50-100
    But my final answer is

  2. I am going to try to base it off how much my bird poops (my male) although I have never counted his poops (i only count human poops of my patients being a nurse and all haha) but lets see… I watched him for an hour and saw he pooped 3 times, so 3×24 = 72. seems pretty high though =/ but i guess thats my final answer….

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