Free Flight Flock

Last Sunday we attended the Free Flight Bird Sanctuary holiday sale. It’s always nice to visit with the birds.

Eclectus parrot – male,eand female.feA very friendly Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.cA case of feather plucking. c2I wish that birds were not kept as pets. In a perfect world…

These sun conures were adorable.conureAnother case of feather plucking. In the cage next door was this bird’s mirror image. It’s heartbreaking to see. I’m glad that these birds found their way to Free Flight. I hope that they will be adopted by someone who will give them the love and care they deserve.fpBlue and Gold and Scarlet Macaws.mEnjoying a walnut.nutGoffin cockatoo – Let me out!whats xanax used forWhite Bellied Caique. Grey.agMexican Red-headed Amazon.mrhYellow-crowned Amazon. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he/she were flying free?ycaI fell in love with the cockatiels. Wanted to take this one home…tielSome weird looking birds…koiI always walk away from Free Flight with mixed feelings. I’m glad a refuge like this exists. I hate to think of where these beautiful birds would end up without it. Taking care of a bird is quite an undertaking and ownership should not be taken lightly. Birds need love and attention, exercise and entertainment. They should not be stuck alone in a cage all day with no companionship or toys to play with. I hope that anyone who would like a bird as a pet first considers adopting an abandoned bird in need of a loving home.

My budgies bring me great joy. And I know there are many devoted bird owners out there. People who love, spoil and cherish their birds. But I would rather there be no pet stores or breeding at all if it would cease the mistreatment and neglect of these wonderful, intelligent creatures.

What do you think? bgm

5 thoughts on “Free Flight Flock

  1. I am sad about the feather picking. I understand why unhappy birds do it but why don’t the feathers grow back when they have a nice home?

    • Good question. I had to look this up. The feathers can grow back, but with repeated plucking, the follicles become so damaged that the feathers will never grow back. This is why it is best to get the bird treated immediately when plucking begins.

    • Sometimes, birds also get into the habit of plucking and need time to learn how to stop. (Plus they have to be discouraged from plucking out their pin feathers when they start to grow in and itch!!) I’ve read about people putting bird sweaters on rescued plucking birds to help them break the habit.

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