Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Mallorn!MALLORN 023_zpsv6r3jpkkMallorn lives by the Rocky Mountains with Gigi. Mally_zpsajtz2a0cShe is two years old and her favorite activities are watching movies or distracting me from my work : ). And, she can get really cross with me if I touch her toys or forget to tell her where I’m going. MALLORN 031_zpsygbfn1m4She loves eating romaine lettuce and her favorite treat is cheese. Mally enjoys beeping like our microwave and likes to take baths in her water bowl, usually on freezing cold days when bathing doesn’t make sense. GE DIGITAL CAMERAShe adores my violin playing and occasionally practices the art of stealing food! 041_zpsmfbdehyq

9 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Mallorn…?cool name! Is there a story behind it? She has beautifully layered face feathers that indicate she places high importance on looking impeccably groomed. I bet she’s the leader of the “cool crowd–hopefully not In a standoffish way. And what can I say about GiGi–She’s my beloved’s namesake (RIP)!

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