New Toy – March

This month’s toy is “do it yourself”!footieI took apart a kabob (or marshmallows, as we call them), and used some leather cord and plastic beads (leftovers from past toys) and strung them together to make footie toys. Instead of one toy that the budgies fight over, I have several footie toys. Everyone gets their own! coopsThey still squabble over the same one though. Sigh.oztoyOzzie’s birthday toy finally arrived in the mail. It’s the “small jellyfish” by Lucky Bird Toys.

6 thoughts on “New Toy – March

  1. Awww! Ozzie, you have fun with that small jellyfish toy! I hope that your parakeets have fun with their new homemade toys!

  2. It’s devilish difficult to put an end to budgie toy squabbling, no matter how hard you work at it – I believe they are genetically hardwired for this…

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