In the spotlight – Emmy!

emmersEmmers. She’s our big baby. Emmy was rehomed and is living proof that you should never give up on taming your budgie. Terrified of hands, it took months before she trusted us enough to step up. Taking her out of the cage took a few more months. But patience and persistence paid off. She even lets me kiss her belly now. Emmy also has the cutest squeak sneeze and sometimes naps on the bottom of the cage.
Emmy still has issues at bedtime. The other budgies all have their bedtime places, but Emmy hasn’t found hers yet. She chases the others around and can’t seem to settle herself. So for now, I put the divider in and she sleeps on the other side. Budgies – always keeping things interesting!

5 thoughts on “In the spotlight – Emmy!

  1. Your thoughtful, creative approach to helping each bird adjust to a new home and then happily join the flock is inspirational. I’ll be referring to Cooper’s Corner for tips when I finally have budgies in the house again!

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