Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Alistair!
 photo IMAG4689_zpsurazqlom.jpg

Alistair lives in the United Kingdom with Amber.
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Alistair is only just coming out of a first moult that has lasted an age!
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He’s really good for trying new food, finding a huge love of celery and sweetcorn!
 photo IMAG6193_zps0baqj1gq.jpg
He also loves to play with the beads on his swing, as well as almost everything else in his cage… Including his veggies… And the tray I put them on.
 photo DSC_1588_zps21rx9kcx.jpg

4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Such beautiful birds! We have a baby and he refuse to eat veggies. Did your little one take a long time to like them? Do you give him only veggies in the morning? We read that is the way to get them to eat veggies, no seed until afternoon, only veggies in the morning. He is just weaned, well almost, so don’t want him to be starving. He eats millet and some of the seeds in the keet mix but refuses all fruits and veggies. He is about 8 1/2 weeks old and had fed, he still wants formula once a day, drinks from a water bottle and loves his bathes. He loves people, wants to be with the family constantly. He was hand raised alone, no siblings after 3 1/2 weeks. He can already spin dance! Learned that in one day, for millet of course.

    • I’m not sure how Amber gets Alistair to eat his veggies, but mine enjoy theirs. It wasn’t always that way, though. Other than lettuce, mine were very picky. Alfie and Ozzie are more adventurous and I think the rest follow their lead.
      I think you need to keep trying. Sometimes they will ignore fruits and veggies for months – until that one day they decide to give it a go (this happens with toys, too!).
      Shredding or grating might help. Mine won’t eat some food unless it’s grated (zucchini, for example). And they prefer veggies over fruit.
      You can also try making a mash and sprinkling millet on top – who can resist a little millet? Here’s a link to the mash I’ve tried. I’ve since made others with different ingredients. I love it because I’m not chopping veggies every day! Just make sure to check and see if the veggies/fruits are budgie safe.
      There are lots of great tips on the internet on ways to entice your budgie to eat their veggies/fruits. I think persistence is key.
      Good luck and keep us posted!

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