Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Piccolo!12285759_1652124538390325_2037561256_nPiccolo lives in New Jersey with Grace.12278143_1652124978390281_542745717_nPiccolo just turned one year old on October 6th, 2015. He’s an English budgerigar. His favorite pastime is chatting and eating millet (not necessarily in that order!).12272859_1652125078390271_1227758578_nHe shares his cage with another male budgie named Kalani who just joined the flock a couple of months ago. His other flock mates include two cockatiels and a Bebe parrot. Piccolo also resides with two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, as well as two teenagers, a tween and two adults (he’s very bonded to the adult female). 12115736_1643286459274133_5249032625706711796_nYou can find Piccolo the budgie (and his pals!) on his facebook page. Stop by and say, “Hello!”

4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. hee hee That’s me! My silly human/Person-al Assistant thought this was going to be posted on Cooper’s Facebook page, so she didn’t ‘find’ it until today. Thanks so much for adding me as one of Cooper’s Cuties. I’m excited and humbled.

    Oh, and due to the fact that I’m an English, or Show Budgie, as some of you may know, we were bred to be a bit bigger and have longer feathers on our heads, or crests (you can always do an online search to see other examples). This is why my head and facial feathers are so fluffy-looking and it’s sometimes difficult to see my eyes and beak. 😉 But, I’m still the same species as every other budgerigar (aka parakeet in the United States. The term parakeet actually encompasses more than just budgies, thus its use in the US is incorrect).

    – Piccolo

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