Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Heaven!12360015_617966885018105_266114154596025729_nHeaven lives in Texas with Eve. 12274610_617957528352374_1562241565095854028_nHer favorite food is dandelion greens and various herbs. She loves millet spray but always chooses her herb mix over anything else. 12375058_617957258352401_815934900768280869_oHeaven loves bird kabob toys, piƱatas and anything that she can shred. She loves dancing to Spanish rock music, sleeping on her swing, preening her humans (and their hair brushes).12339628_617960835018710_4138496930186350656_oShe also enjoys crawling into pockets, attempting to get into nostrils and ears, snuggling in long sleeves and flying around. She’s quite the expert pilot.. she’s mastered landing upside down on the ceiling air vent!12141654_617959631685497_8798406863258275691_nHeaven has her own facebook page.

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