1095 days of Sunny

Yet another budgie “joined the flock” anniversary. Well, January is adopt a budgie month…

Three years ago, we brought home this little lemon head. She was for sale on craigslist.

2013nb120142s201515s2016s16Sunny went from a frightened little bird to a sweet, curious budgie. She is crazy about baths, paper towel tubes and exploring little hidey holes. Her current favorite activity is crawling in and under the bird cage cover (when it’s crumpled on a table). Ozzie is her partner in crime and friend with “benefits”. Every once in awhile I’ll find that the bird on my shoulder is Sunny. She is a shining example that you should never give up on finger taming your budgie. It may takes months (and months and months. And months.), especially if you are working with a rehomed or rescue budgie. But there is no feeling quite like winning over the trust of a budgie. Especially when he or she is as wonderful as out little Sunnerbunners.

Happy anniversary Sunny- we love you!

4 thoughts on “1095 days of Sunny

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary!

    Let’s hope Kalani (my cagemate) follows in her claw steps and becomes a people budgie, too. We adopted him in September and I always tell him that our humans are kind and friendly and not to be feared, but he still doesn’t trust them yet. Of course, our Person-al Assistant needs to devote a bit more time, too. But with the holidays and since, she tends to run around like a human without a head; poor, confused thing.

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