Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Birdology by Sy Montgomery.birdologyIn Birdology, author and naturalist Sy Montgomery shines a light on the bird world. The book is divided into segments: chickens, cassowaries, hummingbirds, hawks, pigeons, parrots and crows. Montgomery combines science and storytelling in a way that makes for an entertaining read. Birdology not only shows us what fascinating creatures birds are, but reminds us how important they are to our world.

Cooper loved this book. She thought the author accurately portrayed the emotions, intelligence and abilities of her feathered friends. Her favorite part of the book was Montgomery’s green budgie, Jerry. He makes an appearance in the introduction. “Among the many things he showed me was that birds stir our souls in ways that change our lives.” Cooper thinks the author should have included a chapter about budgies. But maybe it would have been too difficult to cram the wonder of budgies into just one chapter. Surely, it would take an entire book for that. Budgieology


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  1. This really Was a Wonderful book! I got a much better appreciation of chickens, for one thing, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every other type of bird described. Fascinating read.

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