Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Beaky’s Guide to Caring for Your Birds by Isabel Thomas.book1Cooper thinks this is a great book for anyone considering a bird as a pet. It has information on choosing and cleaning a cage, what to feed (and not feed) your bird, handling your pet, etc. The book is filled with cute illustrations (by Rick Peterson) and photos. Some of the photos are by Cooper’s friend Karon Dubke. book2Cooper was excited to see Karon’s budgies, Bert and Ernie, in the book. She also liked that the book states that animal shelters and rescues are the best places to get new pets. Cooper agrees with the author that budgies need lots of toys – and that you don’t need to wait for your bird’s birthday to buy new ones!



One thought on “Cooper’s Book Report

  1. o.m.g. how did I miss this post!?!
    Well thank you Michelle and Cooper, your pics are sooooo cute, and a great book review too, so glad Cooper approves!

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