Introducing Dewey!

This little cutie is the reason Cooper was trying so hard to get out of her cage. Dewey had been in another room under quarantine for 30 days. They recently met and now Cooper wants to be with him all the time.

Dewey is still a little shy and tentative.

But he’s coming along nicely.

17 thoughts on “Introducing Dewey!

    • Dewy is definitely turquoise – it’s easy to tell them apart by their color. Also, his head is narrow and he still has his baby bars (stripes on his forehead).

      Well, the experts at TalkBudgies said he’s male. As far as I know, they need a nesting box to breed – so I’m hoping no baby McKeets.

    • Oh, geez. We’ll have to post a picture, but Dewey has a toy in his cage that he loves. Cooper decided she wants to play with it (from outside) and went for a plastic piece that Dewey never touches. So Dewey decides he wants to play with that piece, too. Now they “fight” over it.

  1. Miss kauai wants to come and play! Dewey has the same coloring as Mr Pong, who I lost a little over 2 months ago. I hope Cooper enjoys her new playmate!

  2. Oh boy! Another budgie!
    Dewey’s so cute.
    I have one budgie right now and am hoping to get him a girlfriend sometime 🙂

    • We’re not sure. He still has the baby bars on his forehead, but he also has a light grey iris. So maybe 4 months? I should ask The breeders there might know.

  3. You should submit the second photo of Dewey for the July BOTM contest — it would be great. Dewey is such a handsome little guy.

    • And he’s sooo sweet. He’s going through his first moult and lost his baby bars. They grow up so fast!

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