Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Prutske!blue-88523_1920Prutske lives in Antwerp, Belgium with Inge.13087536_1724814234458245_5825915556943042761_nHis favorite toys are his bells, and he loves juicy fruits like grapes and nectarines.13775897_1760318857574449_2031547792135611523_nHe sometimes says cute (and naughty) things too. “Can I have a kiss (but in Netherlands), ma b*tch, what’s the matter”.13603275_1751779248428410_3923707485879202191_oSometimes he thinks he’s a bat, then he is hanging upside down flapping his wings very fast.14202613_1775879446018390_6902427117523639978_n

Prutske has his own facebook page. You can see more of the cute little fellow here.



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