Rub a Dub Dub

She’s out of the tub!cageHere she is in the small cage. She’s on her own until she gets her strength back, but she’s in the same room as the rest of the flock. vetHere are Cooper and Alfie at the vet yesterday. Cooper had a Lupron injection so that she won’t make another egg. Alfie has been a bit under the weather, so he went in for an exam. Turns out he has some bacteria in his system, so he’s on antibiotics to help clear that up.confettiCooper decided to turn her new toy into confetti to celebrate being out of the tub.coutShe’s done a little bit of flying around (not too much, it tires her out). And she’s been doing LOTS of preening. I think she’s wondering where her underfluffies are.

We’re sooo glad she’s home and that she made it over the hump. I think the other budgies are glad she’s back, too : ).



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