Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Budgie Said Grrrr! by Martin Waddell and Glenys Ambrus.bsg1Bill buys a little blue budgie at the bird shop. But the little budgie does not like bird seed. Grrrr! So it eats its bell, its mirror and its bird bath. Soon the budgie is getting bigger. Bill buys the budgie a bigger cage. Grrrr! The budgie eats a hat, PE gear, and a spare tire and gets even bigger. Soon it is so big that the budgie puts Bill, his mum and his dad in a huge budgie cage. Finally, Bill’s Mum makes the budgie something “good to eat”. Apple fruit cake, shortbread, chips, etc. seem to do the trick and Bill, his mum, his dad and the budgie live happily ever after. bsg2Cooper thought this story was a little odd. How can a budgie not like bird seed? She loved the illustrations and thought a budgie locking its people in a cage was hilarious. She was glad the budgie didn’t eat the postman. After eating the post man’s parcels and letters she was worried that he might be next. Cooper also thinks that feeding your budgie ice cream, cake, toffee apples, strawberry jelly, chips, sausages, hamburgers, honey buns and chocolate mousse is a very bad idea. Budgies should stick to fruits and vegetables, no matter how big they become.

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