Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Krikey Runs Away by┬áJanice Sabulsky.

Krikey is a handsome budgie who is unhappy with his living situation (even though he gets the best seeds and the juiciest part of the lettuce). The other budgies are tired of Krikey’s complaining and his talk of running away. One day Krikey makes his escape and flies away. His flock wonders if Krikey is enjoying his freedom, flying free into the blue summer sky.

But freedom isn’t that easy for a budgie. Especially with winter coming. When Krikey returns, he is wet and exhausted. Having survived the cold, cats and lack of food, Krikey is happy to be home again. No more complaining from Krikey!

Cooper enjoyed this book. She loved all the photos of the budgies. She was a little confused that Krikey looked different than the budgie on the cover (who is missing a foot). Budgies notice the little details. The story was sweet and Cooper was happy it had a happy ending. She also likes that the author had a bird sanctuary in her home and that she rescues pet birds that people no longer care for.

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