Movie Review

This month’s movie is Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye.

This movie is a collection of three stories, connected by a traveling cat.The first two stories (adaptations of short stories in King’s Night Shift¬†collection) did not feature a budgie, and were of little interest to Cooper. She did enjoy a pecky pigeon who was the downfall of a nasty casino owner in “The Ledge”, though.

In “General” the cat must protect a little girl from a troll. Unfortunately, General is unable to save Polly the parakeet from the evil troll. Polly’s appearance in the movie was short, but she was clearly the star of the show.¬†

Aside from Polly’s tragic demise, this is not the scariest of Halloween flicks. But if you’re up for a cheesy 80’s flick (look for all the Stephen King movie references), Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye is worth a look.

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