Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Oz-E and Limpy, Let’s Be Friends by Frank Cachia.

Oz-E and Limpy, Let’s Be Friends is the first in a series of books about two little budgies. One day Oz-E notices a new bird in his house. Limpy is a shy bird, who thinks because he limps the other birds will not talk or play with him. Oz-E reassures him that Limpy’s leg will not get in the way of their new friendship.

Cooper loved this little book. Though it was short, it had a great message about not letting differences stand in the way of friendship. She liked that Oz-E looked like Ozzie and that Limp-E looked like Alfie. She thought the illustrations (by Sharyn Madder) were wonderful, and now she wants to read the rest of the Oz-E and Limpy books. Such a little bookworm!

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