Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Who Let the Birds Out by Susanne Swart-Haink.

Sister and brother are busy in the garden when they notice the budgies in the aviary are going wild. What could be causing them to be in such a state? Brother thinks the budgies need to be free, so he lets them out. They settle in a big tree.
Jack the dog enters the aviary and begins to bark at something (spoiler alert: invisible [to the human eye] trolls!). The trolls leave the aviary and the budgies fly back in.

Cooper enjoyed this little book. She thought the illustrations were very colorful and interesting. Children can count the many hued budgies and see if they can find the trolls, bees, chameleon, mantis, etc. on the pages. Cooper liked that at the end of the book the budgies were free to enter and leave the aviary as they pleased.

3 thoughts on “Cooper’s Book Report

  1. Hi Coopers’s Corner,
    It’s been a surprise to see that Cooper had fun reading my book. Dr Krashen said reading is the fountain of youth! Keep on reading little bird!

    • Cooper loves to read, (especially books with budgie) and
      her human thought your illustrations were beautiful!

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