Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Cockatiel Lessons by Marguerite Floyd.

“Let’s just go in and look.” Marguerite Floyd and her mother decide one day to go into a pet store. Marguerite ends up leaving with a little yellow cockatiel who will soon change her life.

Sugar Franklin is a charming little diva (who hates toes) and Marguerite quickly falls in love with her feathered family member. It is not long before she acquires two more cockatiels (Flash and Nicholas) and an African brown headed parrot, Charli. Soon Marguerite is reading up on birds, visiting chat rooms, befriending fellow bird lovers and even writing articles. 

Cooper loved this story of one woman’s love for and devotion to her birds. Her human could relate to the joys and sorrows that come with loving these beautiful beings. Cockatiel Lessons is a must for anyone considering adding a bird to their family. Just make sure you have a box of tissue handy.

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s Book Report

    • I identified with so much in your book. Sugar Franklin was a very special bird. She reminds me of our Sido. Funny how these little ones can consume and change our lives <3.

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