Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Getting Along with Lola Bird by Rita Di Gianvittorio.

Lulu is excited when her Aunt drops off Lola, a rescue budgie. But Lulu soon becomes frustrated with the little bird when she ruins her painting, makes a bird’s nest out of her hair and bites her. Lulu yells at Lola and then ignores her. Poor Lola starts to pluck out her feathers. But once Lulu tries to see life from Lola’s point of view, she is able to start a friendship with her budgie.

Cooper thought this was a great book for teaching children (and adults) how to be patient and kind with their budgies. She liked how Lulu was able to empathize with Lola by imagining what it was like to be a rescue bird in a new home. Cooper enjoyed the colorful illustrations and found she had a lot on common with Lola (they both ride skateboards). She was happy that Lola and Lulu became friends and that Lola ends up with two more rescue birds as companions.

3 thoughts on “Cooper’s Book Report

  1. Hi Cooper ! It’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s a treat to have my book reviewed by a budgie bird. Sure made my day ! And your summary was spot on. I enjoyed reading it. Full disclosure: Lola, in real life, was a beautiful blue and white budgie just like you. Lola Bird in the book version, however, happens to be a wild bird. This is why she is green and yellow. Our little secret? Rita Di Gianvittorio

    • Thank you for the comment. We loved the message in your book- and that you featured rescue birds (Cooper’s flock is made up of rescue and rehomed birds). Cooper hopes Lola and her companions are living happily ever after (and would not mind a sequel). : )

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