Movie review – Fly Away Home

This month’s movie was Fly Away Home.

Fly Away Home tells the story of a father and daughter who rescue a flock of orphaned geese and with the use of ultralight aircraft, teach them how to migrate south for the winter. Along the way, they must battle an evil game warden, evil land developers, evil hunters and evil fog.

Cooper really enjoyed this movie and highly recommends it. The story (based on real events) was captivating and uplifting. The goslings were adorable, and now she wants one as a pet. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Movie review – Fly Away Home

  1. That evil fog is really bad, I’ve seen it in a couple other movies.

    Cooper, as Patty and Selma said, “The older they get, the cuter they ain’t.”

  2. I really enjoyed the movie. And the goslings were pretty darn cute. I wouldn’t want to deal with all the goose poop, though,.

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