Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Eliza!

Eliza lives in New York with Craig*.

I found Eliza through and adopted her from a local rescue shelter a few weeks ago. The elderly couple that owned her previously could no longer take care of her. She is a four year old tabby/Abyssinian mix and pretty much the most perfect cat on the face of the planet. If she isn’t moving from window to window (planning her escape?), she’s in my lap. She is the epitome of a lap cat. Any lap will do too since she’s extremely friendly and warms up to anyone willing to give her a rub and a scratch.

*Today also happens to be Craig’s birthday – Happy birthday Craig!

6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Compadres

  1. Apparently, she didn’t bring him breakfast in bead. I guess Craig’s place is too clean for their to be any rodent entrees to be running around.

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