Remembering Harvey

I like to share photos and memories of our budgies on what would have been their hatchdays. Today would have been Harvey’s.
Harvey was a rehomed bird. When we picked him up, he was in a filthy cage in a house that reeked of cigarette smoke. He didn’t have a name. On bringing him home, we discovered he was missing a little chunk out of his lower beak (which didn’t seem to affect him at all). It took a loooong time for him to trust us and to step up. He was never really a people bird, but we were content for him to just be happy with the flock. Seeing him play, eat, sleep and fly with the other birds was a joy. He quickly became a buddy to our males, and had a fondness for the females. He became a little sweetheart to Lera, and later to Cooper.
After lights out, you would hear Harvey singing. We liked to think he was singing lullabies and telling bedtime stories to the flock. He was such a good little budgie.
If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting. There are too many birds out there who need a happily ever after.

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