Three’s Company(?)

So we let Cooper, Dewey and Ozzie out of their cages.

deweyozzieAnd that happened.

meetBut then Dewey and Ozzie settled down. Now they’re little buddies and like to be together. Dewey even chases Cooper off when she gets too close to them. I’m not sure if Dewey wants Ozzie all to himself or if he doesn’t want Cooper and Ozzie to become little sweethearts.

postThey’re still establishing a pecking order, and can’t be alone without supervision. But it looks promising…

13 thoughts on “Three’s Company(?)

  1. That is a serious stare-down in that first pic. I’m kind of amazed about how their eyes are different. You’d just think a budgie eye would be the same.

    Hope they continue to get along well.

  2. That fist picture is killing me! Look at how intense they look! I’ll be curious to see what happens when lemon head joins the party.

  3. Wow, I thought you had photoshopped the first pic, especially their eyes, but wow….

    Well, you’re on your way to one big happy family. Or flock. Whichever.


  4. First question – is cooper still alive?
    Third – is he thriving (I sure hope so!!!!!!!!)
    C) Hahah love this photo, and their dilated pupils, so cute and lovely fresh coats. Do you use palm oil? My budgie, called GERT needs a bit of oiling, can he come and join these hot chicks? xoxoxo

    • Yes, Cooper and Ozzie are alive and well : ). Sadly, Dewey passed away. He was a wonderful budgie, and we think of him everyday.
      And Cooper is a female : ).
      No palm oil. I’ve never heard of that for budgies. I’ll have to look in to it.
      Hello to you and Gert!

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