Cooper’s book report

cosmoThis month’s book is Conversations with Cosmo – At Home with an African Grey Parrot. Betty Jean Craige tells of her relationship with her parrot, Cosmo. Cosmo has a vocabulary of over two hundred phrases which she uses to communicate with Betty Jean. Cooper found the book to be insightful and humorous. She loved reading about Cosmo’s jokes and antics, and found the bond between Cosmo and Betty Jean to be very touching. Of course, now Cooper wants an African Grey Parrot of her own.

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s book report

  1. I was too lazy to read it, but I have it on CD and they use the real Cosmo, so you can hear him speaking. Very interesting. I wanted a Grey until I read a few more books and decided to stick to budgies. Well…and my special Cockatiel.

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