A Trip to the Vet

Yesterday Cooper, Dewey and Ozzie went to the Vet! Dewey went to have his leg band closed up (it was open and catching on toys) and his Fu Manchu nails trimmed. Because Ozzie was a rescue bird from the animal shelter, he was eligible for a free exam. Cooper just went along for the ride.

waitingroomHere they are in their travel cage in the waiting room.

bathCooper decided to take a bath in the water dish. What a nut.

examIn the examination room. The little basket Ozzie is in is the scale.  The budgies looked so tiny when the doctor examined them. He even listened to their hearts with a stethoscope – it was too cute.

deweyHere is Dewey looking very dapper with his closed band and trimmed nails. The budgies were very brave and did a great job – so they were all rewarded with millet when they got home (Sunny, too!).

14 thoughts on “A Trip to the Vet

  1. That’s so funny that Cooper went along for morale support. My vet was not real happy with Miss Kauai at her last exam. He said she is too wild. She fussed and bit.

  2. Since they’re such a little flock, we didn’t want to separate them.

    Dewey and Ozzie are so sweet-natured. They didn’t bite the vet or the assistants at all. Cooper, on the other hand, would probably be a terror.

  3. Spring went to the vet this week too! The vet gassed her until she went to sleep because Spring is a very very very very very very bad girl. Five minutes later she was awake (and had no idea who gave her shots and trimmed her nails). Yippee!

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