Cooper’s book report

fp1This month’s book is Feathers in the Fry Pan! by Brandy House. This book was in the budgie box sent by Susan – thanks Susan!

Feathers in the Fry Pan tells of the amusing adventures of Tiger, an adorable little green budgie. Tiger was very affectionate and much loved by his family.  He had free reign of the house and was into everything.

fp2This was a cute, but short book (perhaps because Tiger only lived one year). Tiger had some close calls and escaped the house twice. The family’s other bird, a young budgie named Bird, was killed by their dog. While Cooper enjoyed this book, she was disturbed by the untimely ends of Bird and Tiger (budgies need supervision). And she won’t even get into the poor sentence structure and grammatical errors. Although Tiger had a short life, it seemed to be a happy one, and this book certainly depicts the joy of budgie ownership.

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s book report

  1. I guess the title should have given us a clue that things would not end well….yikes!!! It has been so long that I read it, I had forgotten the bad stuff.

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