Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Spock!


Spock lives in Norway with Else.

556291_10151349924900861_402923252_nMy little man is a spangled yellow and green budgie. He likes music and seems to love jazz, especially if sung by a mellow voiced woman. He also likes manly rumbling voices, explosions on the TV and grapes. So far he seems the quiet type, a little shy but cuddly and playful when he is comfortable.

5702_10151503541180861_1645722566_nSpock seems to love things he can lift and wrestle with. He’s a bit funny about one of his swings though. I’ve put a long stick up in my roof as a perch for him, and a swing dangling near it. He won’t sit on the swing but he loves pushing it back and forth.

421886_10151503539450861_569621040_nHe’s very skeptical about new foods, but if I cut fruit or vegetables into teeny tiny pieces he will try some.. if I hand feed him at least.

d38ced06-af86-4181-b0db-c79c56e0e123_zpsd37ca1b1Here’s a video of Spock in action:

6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. With those feet of his, I bet if he landed on your shoulder, he could do the Vulcan Nerve Pinch perfectly! 🙂

    Cute bird.


  2. Very cute bird, you’re lucky he enjoys skritching.

    Back when Cooper liked to be skritched, she wasn’t always in the mood for it either. They’re surprisingly picky about something they obviously enjoy. Sadly, now Cooper only allows Dewey to skritch her.

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