Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Spock!


Spock lives in Norway with Else.

556291_10151349924900861_402923252_nMy little man is a spangled yellow and green budgie. He likes music and seems to love jazz, especially if sung by a mellow voiced woman. He also likes manly rumbling voices, explosions on the TV and grapes. So far he seems the quiet type, a little shy but cuddly and playful when he is comfortable.

5702_10151503541180861_1645722566_nSpock seems to love things he can lift and wrestle with. He’s a bit funny about one of his swings though. I’ve put a long stick up in my roof as a perch for him, and a swing dangling near it. He won’t sit on the swing but he loves pushing it back and forth.

421886_10151503539450861_569621040_nHe’s very skeptical about new foods, but if I cut fruit or vegetables into teeny tiny pieces he will try some.. if I hand feed him at least.

d38ced06-af86-4181-b0db-c79c56e0e123_zpsd37ca1b1Here’s a video of Spock in action: