11 thoughts on “Silly Cooper

  1. Does cooper go crazy when she has a feather on her nose? Miss Kauai goes nuts. I usually have to pull it off and she is so relieved.

    • No – it doesn’t seem to faze her. If she doesn’t rub the feather off, I just pick it off her. They look so cute with feather faces : ).

    • Because Cooper’s cere is blue, I thought Cooper was a boy for quite some time. But then the commenters at Talk Budgies http://talkbudgies.com/ (a great site for budgie information!) kept saying Cooper was a female. If the cere is a very light blue with white around the nares (nostrils), it means female. Males are darker blue. You can see the difference if you look at Cooper’s cere compared to Ozzie’s and Dewey’s.

      Sunny is easy because her cere is brown (but turns light blue when she’s not in season).

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