4 thoughts on “Silly Sunny

  1. So Ozzie’s the least silly of the four? 😉

    PS -the shredder toy in the front of Sunny’s cage -Allen has one just like that

    • The only toy Sunny had shown any interest in were her shreddable kabobs (marshmallows). But now that she’s met the other birds, she’s starting to play with all her toys.

      I think the destroy toys are the birds’ favorites : ).

    • Hmmm. Dewey and Sunny get along too well. Dewey spends quite a bit of time with her in her cage. Ozzie has shone a little interest, and Cooper is indifferent. They all get along outside of the cage, so that’s good.
      I put Sunny in the big cage today and she attacked Cooper (gave her a mean peck on the head), so I immediately took her out. I hope I won’t have to keep her in a separate cage. Can’t we all just get along?

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