Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Indi!

indi1Indi lives in Australia with Lyn.

indi7This handsome little fellow loves attention and will nip at Lyn’s mum’s hand if she is doing something other than giving Indi the attention he deserves. Indi helps with the washing and with bookwork and has learned to say, ” You’re going back to your cage”.

indi9Indi’s favorite foods are carrots, corn, snow peas, broccoli and silverbeet. He loves veggies more than fruit.

indi4Indi loves his oval shaped bell and rope swing, but his favorite toy is the plastic “flower” pictured above.

8 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Hi. I’m Lyn from Bundaberg Australia. I am the owner of Indi. The photos are great – I sure have a beautiful budgie. I am really lucky to have him. Indi is a yellow faced violet. Thank you for posting Indi onto your site for me. I hope everyone will make a comment about my beautiful Indi : ).

  2. Indi sure is a cutie!
    I’ll have to train Miss Kauai to help with washing too! Hmm, on second thought she’s better at being a supervisor!

  3. Indi is simply gorgeous! He has such a tremendous personality too. Lyn is very lucky to have a budgie like him. Give him lots of hugs from me and my budgie boys Aries and Riley!

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