Cooper is definitely our most adventurous budgie. She is extremely curious and into everything. Yesterday she was up to all kinds of mischief.

window1She likes to hang out on the windowsill, which is fine.

window2But she also likes to chip away at the paint. Which is not fine. I didn’t want her ingesting paint chips, so I tried to cover it up. But chewing on tape is also a fun thing to do. No matter how many times I would take her away, she would fly right back. Cooper is very determined. Looks like Harry will have to nail down some wood on those sills.

perchShe also decided the best place to nibble the calcium perch was at the base. She kept going until this happened. Luckily, this is an easy fix.

cb1After that she moved on to the cuttlebone. She worked very hard at taking big chunks out of it to throw on the bottom of the cage.

cb2This was a brand new cuttlebone.

hshirtWhen Harry came home she decided to explore under his shirt. Maybe she was looking for millet…

perch2Our adorable little handful.

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