12 thoughts on “Spot the difference!

  1. I’m pretty sure most people will have the same last one.

    I found nine by jumping back and forth between images. I found the Last One by looking at the differences between the images in Octave.

  2. So, they were:
    1. Cooper’s throat spot is gone
    2. Cooper’s wing feathers were altered
    3. Cooper’s leg band is on the other leg
    4. An orange bead from his toy is missing
    5. The last hanging ball is upside down
    6. The square and circle button toys have switched positions
    7. There is birdseed in Cooper’s treat cup
    8. The link toy has an additional yellow link
    9. The green tie at the bottom right is now blue
    10. The “last one” – the handle at the top of Cooper’s cage is missing!

    Thanks to Harry for the idea for this post : ).

  3. I guess I didn’t spoil anything. Instead, I posted what is an artist’s conception of what it would look like if Cooper had a rave in his cage.

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