Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Gracie!
gracieGracie (a cockatiel) lives in North Carolina with Susan, budgies Ellie, Tucker and Oscar and newly rescued cockatiel, Jojo.

gracie2Gracie’s favorite person is Susan’s husband. If she hears his voice on the cell phone speaker she goes crazy.

gracie3Gracie’s favorite toy is anything she can shred.

gracie4And her favorite treat is PASTA!

3 thoughts on “Cooper’s Compadres

  1. What a sweetie! I’m glad she gets along with Jojo. I’ve never given the budgies pasta – I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. Thanks for posting sweet Gracie’s pictures. She is a very sweet and smart girl. I am very lucky that all birds get along so well. When I come from work I open all the cage doors and they fly as much as they want until bed time. Jojo will not come out of the cage yet but Oscar and Gracie just go right in her cage and she seems fine with that.l

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