Turkey Day*

Today is also the second anniversary of Cooper’s Corner – so the budgies had two reasons to celebrate.

deweyoatDewey started with an appetizer of oats (his favorite). Yum!

sFirst course was a salad.

o1The main course was Momma Bird’s Caribbean Loaf Birdie Bread (with a side of grated carrot). Ozzie digs in.

a1Alfie LOVED the bread.

a2He went back for a second helping.

a3And a third helping. He needs to work on his table manners, though. We don’t get in our food to eat it, Alfie.

mPlease pass the millet!

dThe budgies had fresh Granny Smith apple slices for dessert.

thanks2Happy Thanksgiving!

*Cooper wanted it to be called “Budgie Day” until she found out what happens to the turkeys.

4 thoughts on “Turkey Day*

  1. Happy Thanksbudgiversary to All! And I absolutely Love the notion of 10,000 more years of Cooper’s Corner – been chuckling ever since!

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