Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Sailor and Duckie!sdcThese two little cuties live in California with Erin.dandsSailor and Duckie will be five years old in 2014.lettuceTheir favorite treats are anything in any shade of green, celery, dandelion leaves, lettuce, broccoli, and parsley. They also love organic corn on the cob.seedDuring the day, they spend the whole time hanging out on their tree in the middle of the room staring out the window whistling at other birds as they fly by outside.napAt Christmas, mommy decorates their tree with plastic candy canes which during the whole week get slowly but violently knocked off onto the floor (where Sailor and Duckie think they belong). They both have Holiday stockings which on Christmas eve get a special surprise in each. This year the little elves at the North Pole hinted something about twine balls and millet sprays.scritchTheir favorite toy is a miniature hanging twine basket stuffed with crinkle cut shreds and beads. They love to slowly rip each and every piece of paper stuffing out and onto the carpet below. Mommy is continually refilling their basket with new shreds 🙂pinkPretty in pink.sanddGetting ready to nap.zzzZzzz.

6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Ohhh :)) Its my little nuggets of love 🙂 I showed them this and they squawked approvingly! We also got your Christmas card today which we LOVEEEEEEE!!! its up on the wall but the birds said they would take a picture by it soon, they need their beauty sleep first as Duckie has her tail feathers in a ruffle about me taking pictures this moment. Have a great holiday 🙂

  2. They are so adorable. I love the pictures of them sleeping. And on the pink ring. And I’m sooooo jealous Duckie lets you scritch him.

    That candy cane game sounds like lots of fun. Maybe we should try that… : )

  3. Yes do you like the pink ring? I made that and they love it, I hang it from the ceiling above their cage and they like to run around it and yank the stuff out. I think your birds would love one also! Sailor sent you a special thanks to your inbox. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow–They’re both soooooo healthy-looking, and gorgeous too! They’re lucky to have a mommy like you to give them candy canes & other goodies! I wonder, did you obtain them from a petshop? Or a small-scale breeder? I can’t believe you’ve succeeded in getting even one of them–let alone both–to eat so many healthy foods! Really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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