9 thoughts on “Orange!

  1. Miss Kauai gets the carrot juice all over her digging around for the seeds. So Ozzie and Emmy are a couple? She looks very sweet.

    • I think she may have been digging around for millet seeds, too. She is very sweet to Ozzie. Follows him everywhere, except outside the cage. She’s still a little nervous about the outside world.

    • Aw. We do, too. She’s been doing a lot better. She’s been playing with her toys and venturing out more. And baths and spritzing perk her up. Sunny and Cooper have become buddies and hang out together now. They nap right next to each other, and it’s so sweet. I’ll have to get a picture.

  2. Aww – So sweet to know Sunny and Copper are getting close, now – great for both of them!
    Emmy is a nut, but at least she’s eating her vegetables!…

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