9 thoughts on “Calling All Budgies!

      • My GiGi either was not actually strong enough to push the buttons (or maybe the buttons merely disinterested her?) and so it wasn’t annoying. But she did like to watch ME push the buttons for her. Mostly she enjoyed the mirror and beating the crap out of it as the mood struck.

    • My GiGi had Jungle Talk and DID like it quite a lot. Funny how Budgies each have their own completely individual taste in toys! One may love bigger sized shreddable toys, but the same toys frighten the heck out of another Budgie! I was always surprised that my GiGi DID like Jungle Talk bc she generally ONLY like VERY small toys and this toy (which was huge by HER standards!) was the exception to her rule. Go figure. (Her Budgie friend on the other hand enjoyed tough “scary” sized toys intended for larger parrots. Personal preferences among Budgies are vastly varied, to be sure! 🙂

  1. My one “Masked Love Bird” named “Romeo”. He could not speak but used this to call me in when he used “mime” to tell me when he wanted things or when it was time for me to turn the lights off. I’ve had birds for many years and they all seem to love this toy (small and large). I hope they bring it back and sell it.

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