8 thoughts on “Budgie Dreams 11

  1. MIchelle, do you use facebook? Theres a facebook group that I recently joined: “Budgie Whisperer” that has like 1000 members and people talk in the group day and night and post pics its soooooooooo fun. Did you want an invite to that group if you use facebook? You would LOVE it.

    • Hi Erin!
      Yes, I’m on facebook (probably too much). I’ve seen the Budgie Whisperer page – as I was scrolling through there were even some pictures of Cooper (and one of Dewey) someone had posted. It’s fun to see photos of the flock pop up in unexpected places. Cooper’s not too sure how she feels about someone photoshopping a moustache on her, luckily she has a pretty good sense of humor. She wants a facebook page of her own now, though. Sigh.

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