Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Flight of the Battered Budgie (in the Undead Pets series) by Sam Hay.up1A wish on an Egyptian amulet causes Joe to be the protector of undead pets. Buddy the undead budgie shows up in Joe’s classroom looking for help. Buddy’s owner (the school lunch lady) is being swindled by her sister. Can Joe help bring the deception to light and help Buddy move on to his final destination?up2Cooper enjoyed the adventures of Joe and Buddy. She thought the illustrations by Simon Cooper(!) were cute. Her favorite parts of the book were when Buddy would get stuck in a loop repeating phrases he had been taught. She also liked that only Joe could see and hear Buddy, which lent to some amusing situations. Cooper was pleased that Buddy (with Joe’s help) saved the day. Cooper would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fun read – especially on Halloween!

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