And so does Cooper!coopandnubsCoopers friend, Nubs is spreading the message to not purchase pets this holiday season, but to adopt instead. There are many wonderful cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. who would love to find their forever home. If you are considering adding to your family, please check with your local animal shelter, rescue organization or Craigslist first.

Seven of our eight budgies are adopted, and each one is a treasure.

If you would like to spread the message, please post #NubsSaysAdopt to your Facebook page between 4-9pm CST tomorrow (Sunday, November 30).

Nubs: “If enough people post within this time frame, it will make us a trending story on Facebook, which has the potential of reaching millions of FB followers instantaneously. Thank you for your help!”

3 thoughts on “#NubsSaysAdopt

  1. Very very important message. I hope this message will be seen allll around and that it will inspires people to pick up a wonderful new family member FROM THE SHELTER. Love to you Nubs, Cooper and Flock!

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