13 thoughts on “Three

  1. Best 3 years of my life, visiting Cooper’s Corner almost every day! Thank you, Michelle, and Happy 3rd Blog-iversary to Cooper and her whole budgie family! I love you all.

    • Thanks so much – and thank you for all your wonderful comments over the years. We love you, too!

      “Chirp chirp!” – The budgies

  2. A day without Cooper and her flock (both budgie and human) is like a day without sunshine. Happy 3, Cooper and family! We can even count on a lovely photo on Cooper’s days off. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary of your beautiful blog! Puck and Jan are so glad they found you! We warmly acknowledge and appreciate the love, wit, intelligence, sanity, and humaneness, good taste and persevering work you take the time to share with the rest of us! You are enhancing the budgie experience worldwide!! Many thanks!

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