Harvey meets the flock

We moved Harvey’s cage into the birdroom (might as well just start calling my office this) on Saturday. He’s not stepping up yet, but is close. As soon as he does, he’ll move into the big cage.

Cooper met Harvey first (she’s the calmest of the budgies). We let her visit him when he was in the living room. It wasn’t a love match, but she did let him feed her.c1Meeting Sunny. Two little lemon heads.sOzzie and Cooper.choAlfie wasn’t that interested in Harvey. But he was interested in Harvey’s shiny bell.alfieEmmy had fun playing with the cage handle. It makes such a lovely racket when you repeatedly pick it up and drop it.emLooks like Harvey is ready to come out!
harCan’t wait until they’re all together : ).

12 thoughts on “Harvey meets the flock

    • We’ve finally seen him in fluff mode, now that he’s starting to relax. He’ll almost sleep in our presence. Does the head turn, bit won’t close his eyes.

  1. What a cute little budge! I love the yellow on his tail feathers.
    I’m surprised he’s close to stepping up so soon. Robin stepped up for the first time this weekend and I’ve been working on him for months!

    • Some have been fairly easy to finger tame. Cooper, Dewey, Ozzie and Alfie didn’t take too long. The others took quite awhile. I guess it depends on how the former owners treated them.

      Emmy is the record holder, though. She did not like hands at all.

  2. These birds are cute, cute, CUTE. I want to get in the picture with them and roll around in fluff! Harvey looks like he can’t wait to get out and add a touch of yellow-face mayhem to the mix.

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