#SkipTheGift #Easter

Every Spring hundreds of pets such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, chicks, and more, are abandoned by families who tire of them after the thrill of Easter Sunday is over. Cooper is helping NUBS (www.houseofnubs.org) to spread the word to “skip the gift” of pets as Easter presents.skipthegiftcooperBy posting the hashtags #skipthegift and #Easter into your facebook newsfeed today (March 29) between 4:00 – 8:00pm CST, you can join with hundreds of others to get the word out to thousands, and maybe even millions, of Facebook users.cooperskipthegift1It’s easy – just type #SkipTheGift  #Easter in your facebook newsfeed today, and help to spread the word!

Thanks, from Cooper and Nubs : ).

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