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This month’s movie is March of the Penguins.mopSince it’s March, Cooper decided to review March of the Penguins. This documentary depicts a year in the life cycle of the emperor penguin. mop1The penguins leave their ocean hunting grounds and trek 70 miles to their breeding grounds. There they mate, and the female lays an egg. The male and female take turns watching the chick and making the journey back to the sea to feed. All the while they must brave freezing temperatures, blizzards, hunger and predators.mop2This was an educational and entertaining film. The cinematography was beautiful and Morgan Freeman was the perfect narrator. There were some heartbreaking moments in the movie – not all the penguins survived. What these penguins have to overcome is amazing. Cooper’s favorite part of the film were the baby chicks – they were adorable. She thinks that penguins are fascinating (almost as fascinating as budgies) and highly recommends this film.

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