Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Love Your Budgie, by Angela Rowe (illustrations by Natalia Rowe).

This tiny book is part of a series meant to teach children how to care for their pets and how to show them kindness and compassion. Food, water, toys and baths for budgies are covered. The budgie in the illustrations tells the reader how it feels when it has the proper care and how it feels when it is being neglected.

Cooper thought this would be a good little book for children who may have a budgie in their family. She liked the informative do’s and dont’s page as well as the little color pages at the end.

8 thoughts on “Cooper’s Book Report

  1. Hi Michelle … I have just accidentally come across this… I’m Angie, the author of these books… Thank you so much for a great review. These books came about from my despair of animal cruelty. I think if we can teach children that animals feel pain and suffering, just like us, then they will hopefully grow up with empathy towards animals and we can a cruelty free world. Would it be ok if I showed this review on my social media and also the pictures ? This has been a lovely surprise. Thank you x

    • Of course! Cooper loves to promote reading (especially books about budgies :). And teaching children compassion and kindness towards animals is also very important to her. Thank you so much for spreading the message. <3

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