National Bird Day

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Although I have a flock of 9 –  I do believe that birds should not be pets. They were meant to fly free, be part of a flock, choose their mates and raise their young. I hope some day, breeders and pet stores will stop selling these beautiful creatures. Until that day, we now only adopt (Cooper is our only pet store budgie). Cooper and the flock hope that if you are considering adding a bird to your family, you check with you local humane shelter, rescue or even Craigslist. There are many unwanted birds out there who need a loving home.

5 thoughts on “National Bird Day

  1. Totally agreed.

    Now I want to thank you for your Splendid Holidays Greeting Card! It absolutely Made my day, and has an honored place among my actual 3-D treasures! Michelle, you really are too kind – I will cherish it always.
    Thank you, and Love you!

    in Jesus, Sondra

    • I’m glad you liked it : ). Thanks for following Cooper’s Corner- I always enjoy your comments.
      Michelle, Cooper and the flock

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